How to Use Goldsilverforecast Signals Properly and make some pips on instant gold signals and alerts :

This article is old but thought to post here for our gold users:
We are receiving emails from users for guidance… guidance of proper way to make some pips in gold trading on our instant gold signals, so we added some tips and trading rules on website and you will find it on different places, So we decided to send this email to guide all the traders to make some pips…

We recoomend three methods to trade on our signals, There are Three Methods to make some pips on our instant gold signals…we find these method after watching past data and our signals closely…

1- First Method is to take 200 to 300 Pips initially and close the trade as soon as possible and not to follow
Target (TP) mentioned in the signals because most of the times signal definitely go to 200 to 300 pips in positive initially and then make negative turn sometimes, so you can take 200 to 300 pips initially and close the trade. you can put 400 to 500 pips Stoploss on gold signals, in this method you will not make huge profits but its a secure method and if you consider trading with standard lot that means 10×20= $200 in one pair trade. and $1000 in 5 trades you can calculat with 4 pairs average positive.

2- Second Method is to follow Target (TP) and close positions after making 900 to 1000 pips depends on signal but sometimes chances are Stoploss triggered. in this case you are in risk sometimes you will loose sometimes you will make huge profits. but in this method if you want to trade secure you need our Trading System so you can see where signal will turn its trend and or go negative so you can close trades.

3- The Third Method is really good and recommended which is our Gold Trading System Method, The Gold Trading
System will give you Buy and Sell signals with Green and Red Arrows and it will tell you exactly where to exit and where to buy in the gold market with some good indicators, this trading system itself is good system to produce
good forex signals and also best way to trade with Gold signals.

Please feel free to contact for any question.
Thanks and Best Regards
Goldsilverforecast Team

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