Start now buying gold coins, any kind, and hoarding them !

By Dr. John L. King, 2015

Traditionally, it's been used for stores of worth for jewellery, electronics, dentistry, and as tangible cash. It's the most malleable metal known. When other elements are it forms alloys. This can increase the toughness and can create exotic colors. Adding copper gives a redder color, iron more blue, platinum white, aluminum creates purple. Gold conducts heat and electricity well. Heat, moisture and corrosives have awfully little chemical effect gold. This makes it well-suited for make coins and jewellery. Since gold itself is soft, it is given the alloys to make it stronger and change its color. When using gold for jewellery, it is measured in karats.

Pure gold is 24K. It is in generally sold as 22K, 18K and 14K. This suggests silver or copper have been added for strength and color. Typically we find using gold in jewellery making. Designers create gorgeous gold jewellery which often are boosted with diamonds and gemstones. Gold and diamond jewellery makes smashing presents. In our society also they are used for marriage rings and in present giving. There are some other uses of gold like : one. Embroidery Thread 2. In computers, jet aircraft three. Dental crowns and bridges four. White gold can substitute for platinum Gold has had a high price since prehistoric times and was employed as a symbol with value, purity and royalty.