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They aren't only pretty, but also wear-friendly since, unlike sterling silver, they do not tarnish. Another great attribute is that folks with allergies to certain metals, or find they've a problem with marking from metals that have been mixed with gold, don't have an issue with gold itself. Gold is a flexible metal, in a position to be worked in almost any shape, whether or not it's little, but sturdy, strands to thin sheets.

In reality, only one oz. has the power to be hammered into a very thin sheet measuring at 10 feet square. Workmen, particularly makers of gold earrings, can manipulate gold into any desired shape. When choosing gold earrings you want to take a look at the gold's karat factor. Different karat numbers are what describe how much pure gold is in the earrings. For instance, 24K earrings are pure gold, 18K is 75% gold with eighteen parts of gold and six parts of another metal, 14K, the most typical, is 58.3% gold with fourteen parts of gold and ten parts of another metal, 12K is 50% gold with twelve parts of gold and twelve parts of another metal, and, ultimately, 10K, the minimum karat that may be described as gold, is merely a 41.7% gold with ten parts gold and fourteen parts of another metal. Gold earrings made in Europe will have different markings.

For instance, 18K will be marked as 750, 14K will be marked as 585, and twelve K will be marked as 417. These marking stand for the % of gold the earrings contain. Most gold earrings are not made from pure gold since it can be quite soft and not really practical for regular wear. In mot cases, other metals will have been mixed with the gold to increase the sturdiness, as well as lower the price. When metallurgists add other metals to gold it permits them to change the gold's color. To form white gold Palladium, a. K. A nickel, is added.

The addition of copper products creates a rose / pink color, whilst adding silver can give gold a greenish hint.

When selecting the type of gold earrings that is your kind of thing, you have to decide how frequently you may wear them and what kind of karat number will fit this need.

If you are allergic to such metals as nickel, you must choose gold earrings with a higher gold content. This implies that gold earrings marked with 18K or 22K are best for you. If you intend to wear your earrings only on occasion, and do not always need to have the best gold there's, then you've got the option of choosing gold earrings that are gold filled or even gold plated. This would not be a sensible choice if you do plan to wear the gold earrings on an once a day basis since plenty of use will reduce the gold layer, so exposing the metal that is beneath and doubtless causing marking or maybe an allergic reaction. If you plan to purchase gold earrings that you wish to last a particularly long time, then ensure you buy a top quality item.

Liam, 2015

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