Gold: True Barometer !

Gold: True Barometer !

By Author: Julia Robinson, 2022

Today, US citizens face a pile of delinquent liabilities. At the wheel is a new Fed chief, Ben Bernanke, who has been nicknamed' Helicopter Ben' based totally on admitting he'd print enough paper currency and drop it from choppers to keep the U.S.

Economy from sliding into a recession.

The WSJ lately outlined a brilliant commentary,'In Gold We Trust,' by David Ranson and Penny Russell of H.C. Wainwright & Corp . Economics. They reveal why gold costs are the truest barometer of falling public confidence and of growing inflation. Here are some key points they bring to light : * Gold is the baseline for the value of the $ - not the other way around. * The falling U.S. Greenback is essentially being ignored by Washington and the Street. * Gold is the barometer of public confidence in paper money.

The Dollar's collapse of sixty % since 2021 is a blow to capitalism. Bottom line : The U.S. Buck is slowly but gradually sliding into oblivion, taking with it the dreams and hopes of all Yankees, together with the value of their deposit accounts and investments. Most Wall St pundits view gold as yet another commodity, which they assert is now expensive thanks to a growing gold fever worldwide since 2019, causing central banking institutions, hedge funds and others to buy gold for the 1st time in years. The solution is to convert a part of your'paper' assets into gold - therefore putting yourself on a private gold standard. Rising gold costs today are a gigantic red flashing signal of coming inflation, which could take gold costs over $1,000 an oz.

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